I Am A Movement was founded by Duran Bowie in the spring of 2012. As an active community leader, Duran was troubled by the state of the youth in his community. He realized that the key to a successful future for our society lies in the hands of the younger generations today. Drawing from his own life experiences (having come out of impoverished conditions as a child himself) Duran knew that education and encouraging hands to help guide children towards reaching their true potential are the key elements to uplifting the youth.

He made it his goal not only to help young people, but to raise awareness in our society by shining a spotlight on the issue and to seek out support on behalf of the youth. I Am A Movement continues to spread the message of hope within the community, as it sets out to expand across the nation.

We at I am a Movement aim to expose our kids to as much outside of their environment as possible. Giving them access to places that are different than where they were born and raised. Feel free to donate below or explore the site to learn more about what we do!